Street art - Research Paper ExampleThe traditional graffiti have been increasingly espoused as a technique of advertising, and its trajectory leading its artists perform their tasks on contract basis as graphic artists for corporations in some particular cases. The street art is in itself a paradigm of hybridism in the global visual culture, a postmodern genre that is distinguished by real-time practice than by the sense of unified theory, movement, or message. This artistic work is a community of practice with its own learned, rules, codes, techniques of communication, and hierarchies of prestige. Historical analysis explains that the street art movement all began in New York in the 1960s by young adults who sprayed words and together with other images on the walls and trains. Their artistic paintings appeared impressive with colorful and energetic styles, and were hence called graffiti. Ideally, such paintings were seen by that society as an expression of the youths to rebel against the society and to reject the set rules of the country.

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